Why a Coach?

The short answer as to why I want to coach is because I want to help people. Life is too much of an incredible gift to not be at your best. 

Coaching can be used for a variety of personal and professional issues — relationship issues, motivation problems, wellness goals or lifestyle changes. Coaching is like having a nonjudgmental friend who helps you make life’s lemons into lemonade.

Of course, sometimes you don't recognize when a little extra encouragement helps and laser focus on goals helps you push to succeed. A life coach supports you on your journey.

 When do I need a wellness coach?

It’s February and maybe those New Year’s resolutions aren’t working the way you hoped they would.

  • A health coach can help you develop and actionable plan to crush resolutions any time of the year.

Monday mornings can be tough. Waking up for work is getting more and more difficult for you.

  • A wellness coach can help you look at your motivations and shift your outlook or make plans to find a new job that will have you jumping out of bed each Monday.

Your annual physical went well, but now your doctor wants you to eat differently or better manage your bad habits.

  • A life coach wants you to succeed. A coach uses various tools to help you meet your goals and change habits.

A physician gave you a plan to follow and you’re having trouble figuring out how to do it.

  • A wellness coach helps you clarify the hurdles preventing you from getting on track—and helps you to get through the hurdles and stay there.

Is having a health coach long-term commitment?

To maximize your progress, I want to coach you for at least three months. We can work together longer than that, if necessary.

I encourage you to arrange a no-commitment 20-minute discovery call with me to see if coaching might be right for you, but you are free to not choose me after the 20 minutes.

I want to coach is because I want to help people. I am a coach because I want to help you.

Schedule a free discovery call.