Do I Need a Health and Wellness Coach?

Often after explaining “What is a health and wellness coach?” the next question almost always is “Do I need a life coach?”

When to Hire a Coach

Reasons to hire a *lifestyle coach include

·      You want to do something different in life and don’t know where to begin

·      You want to change your job and don’t know how to start

·      You want to change your habits and it is too difficult

·      You have a goal and you don’t know how to accomplish the goal

·      You feel like you are missing something in your life

Sometimes we feel stuck in where we are and want to move toward a goal. Health coaching can help you reach that goal.

First Step to Making Changes

I am trained to focus on you and your goals. From the first session, I want to know how we will work together on your journey. The sessions are for your journey, not mine. You are the expert on your life. I serve as your ally and your resource to help identify wellness goals and health outcomes that you would like to achieve.

The first time we speak, we start the work on her health and wellness journey. We explore your desired change. If necessary, I provide references to medical, psychological, nutritional, and other health-related services.

What is your vision of your life? What goals do you have that you need help reaching? How will we reach those goals together?

* Lifestyle coaching may include a variety of health and wellness issues. I have used the coaching terms interchangeably in this post.