5 Tips for Better Sleep

Last week wasn’t productive for me. Sunday and Monday night I let my streaming wants get in the way of my sleeping needs. Those late nights and lots of screen time impacted the rest of my week.

Full sleep rocks

The prior weeks I was hitting my stride of productivity. I felt like I could conquer everything I faced. Each day felt like I was ready to run a marathon or some other incredible feat.

Reach for caffeine?

When I lose out on sleep, I don’t reach for the coffee pot. Generally, I avoid caffeine and gave up daily cups of coffee decades ago when I was working overnight shifts. When I drank coffee to stay awake during the overnight shifts, I wasn’t able to fall asleep during the day. That experience turned me off coffee. Now when I am desperate and feel a lack of sleep—I may reach for black tea. The tea helps to refresh me and gives me a little kick that I might need.  

Herbal teas

If I’m dragging in the afternoons during a week of bad sleep, I reach for chamomile (or a different *herbal tea) instead of black tea. When I first started drinking chamomile I thought I might fall asleep at my desk. Instead it has helped me be calm and focus.

If I drink caffeine during the afternoon, my sleep will suffer (again!) or I might find myself talking a little faster than normal. Whether or not you drink tea or coffee, afternoon caffeine might be affecting your sleep.

Sleeping rituals

To truly recover from the bad sleep I experienced, I recommit to my sleep rituals as soon as I’ve have a chance to. Some of the ways I get back into—and stay—in my sleep groove include

1.     Not eating when it is near bedtime

2.     Going to bed and waking up around the same time every night (even during the weekends)

3.     Making sure my bedroom is dark (we have a few lights in the neighborhood that can intrude)

4.     Keeping my phone (or other electronics!) out of my room, especially so that I’m not tempted to read “one more” email

5.     Getting some exercise during my day

These may not all work for you, but try it for a week or two and you may find yourself springing out of bed with a new energy.

*My daily habit is the Numi Rooibos Chai. I can drink it all day. Because of the spices, it always feels like I’m drinking something special.